Deer Reeder,

Just to reassure the skeptics out there, yes I do know how to spell dear and reader, its just an inside joke with my family which has progressed into the title of this blog. I came up with it as a humorous mocking of being dyslexic (why they chose the very word describing bad spellers to be one that is hard to spell itself has always amused me).

I am so glad you have stumbled upon my little blog. Now I’m sure you’re the same as me, an avid reader and may be currently book hunting for your next favourite page-turner. Well, I hope my blog helps you in your indecision.

And now to the matter of who I am….

See I’m a student, there are even folders in the background and everything!
My name is Georgia. I’m originally from Southampton and decided to just hop next door, over the New Forest, to study Public Relations at Bournemouth University (and loving it I must add). I have a deep passion for writing but not the patience to be an author, so I thought I might as well write creatively in bite-sized chunks about a subject that I literally can’t put down. Honestly, I am that person who is always in arms reach of a book or my kindle (for convenience purposes I have now turned to the dark side I do apologise, but one kindle is a lot lighter than 5 books, just saying….).

This blog is written with no set timings for when the next post will be, I do it on an “I’ve finished a book so will now write about it” kind of style.

Please feel free to comment on anything under my posts. What you like about them, if you agree or disagree with my statements or any other constructive comments, all will be appreciated so type away.