Reviews of the Top 5 Books of 2017/18

Deer Reeder,

Yesterday was my blog’s 1st birthday!!!! It feels so weird to think that this time last year I decided to take the plunge and begin a blog. It’s funny, in some ways I haven’t changed my writing style at all, but in other ways I have changed. For example, for those who haven’t realised, I’ve been putting more pictures in my blogs, as I now know, that blogs with visuals are more likely to be viewed than those without, as people find them more engaging (ever wondered why Instagram’s such a popular social media platform).

Now being a casual thing in my life, it doesn’t really surprise me that my reader engagement isn’t exactly….. on point, but I’m still shocked at any engagement that I actually get. Like, how did you find me, why did you even bother to click on my blog in the first place? Every time I see that I’ve had a visitor, I get a little swell of pride that yeah, out of all the places to go on the internet, they have ended up here on my page, and you know what? I’m not even that fussed if your one of those people who are like, “Oh bu@@ger, I’ve clicked on the wrong site, this wasn’t what I was after at all!” So, enough of my blabbering and onto the more interesting (for you) stuff.

The Top 5 Books/series’ of my Year

Now I could have done ‘the Top 5 of my Whole Life’, but my memory isn’t that great and sadly I don’t have the luxury of a book shelf where I can gaze upon my past endeavours. Therefore, I know that I’d end up missing one and be mildly miffed with myself! So, without further ado, here is my list from the books I have previously reviewed on this blog. Oh, I almost forgot to say that this is measured purely on how entertaining/engaging I found them and not merely the quality of the narrative per say (hope you get my drift and that makes sense).  Continue reading “Reviews of the Top 5 Books of 2017/18”


The Rose of Sebastopol – Katherine McMahon

Deer Reeder,

A painting as a book cover, how lovely.

I don’t know why this has taken me so long to write but I guess I finished this book when I had three deadlines and an exam to do and therefore put it off. Only problem is then that the book isn’t as fresh in my mind as I would like it to be, but don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about everything!! So, what book is it this time?

The Rose of Sebastopol by Katherine McMahon, which I found surprisingly enjoyable to read.

I haven’t read a romantic drama in a long while (if ever! 😉) and you know what? It’s rather endeared the genre to me again. This story had the right balance between romance and drama. I felt it wasn’t solely driven by the romance but also had a strong narrative which was interlaced with poignant social commentary of that time period. Continue reading “The Rose of Sebastopol – Katherine McMahon”

Jane Steele – Lyndsay Faye

Deer Reeder,

Click here for photo source  Love the old design of this cover.

Well it’s about time I got down to finally writing another one of these since I finished the book almost two weeks ago! But hey I’ve just broken up for summer and it’s been sunny so… legit excuse!

Anyway, before I sail away into the deep depths of my mind I’ll reign it back to the topic at hand, books. More specifically Jane Steele. Now, despite writing a book blog I tend not to read others myself (bad I know). I let Amazon recommendations guide me because I’m lazy and very picky when it comes down to books. But, when I did read some other blogs I came across this book and I’m so glad I did, for I loved it. Yeah, some aspects were a little unrealistic but what can I say, isn’t every story a slight embellishment of reality?

It’s set in my favourite period in history, the Victorian era and constantly refers back to Jane Eyre and the themes presented in her novels. The independence of women, love and dealing with what life throws at you are some of the themes that the main character, Jane Steele, draws upon from the influential author. Continue reading “Jane Steele – Lyndsay Faye”

Whores’ Asylum – Katy Darby

Deer Reeder,

Whores Asylum
Source of Photo        In Penguin’s publication, it is called “the unpierced heart”

Now, before you think it stop your dirty mind, this is NOT a Fifty Shades of Grey style book! Never judge a book by its cover or its rather risqué title for that matter…. Ironically its title was what caught my eye in the first place. I couldn’t help thinking “what the hell is this going to be about?” Well it turns out it was about an actually interesting story.

I read this story probably about two months ago but since it isn’t my usual genre I delve into often, I thought I might as well write my thoughts on it. It’s a Victorian period drama and usually I try to avoid dramas because they’re sad but curiosity got the better of me this time. I’m always looking to branch out and explore new authors and plot lines.

The book is about two friends who are living with each other and run into trouble when Edward’s past pops its nasty little head around the corner and says,

“remember me?” Continue reading “Whores’ Asylum – Katy Darby”