The Upside of Unrequited – Becky Albertalli

Deer Reeder,

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I’m slowly working through my book review list but sadly not at a speed faster than I keep finishing them (I say this as I have literally just finished another book to which I now need to review)! Anyway, back on the topic of today and that is…..

The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli.

I know what your thinking, “aren’t you a bit old now to be reading teen fiction?” Well I’m sorry to disappoint your lofty expectations of me but, no. Not one teeny weeny bit. Once a child, always a child!

So, now that we have crossed that hurdle let me tell you what I thought of the book. Personally, I loved it. Reason: because all the stupid and ridiculous thoughts that the main character Molly has, are thoughts that I have suffered through, plus 10,000 more on top of them. This book is a funny and sweet coming of age story that I feel every insecure person should have a read of at some point in their life (even if they are 80, age is no excuse!).  Continue reading “The Upside of Unrequited – Becky Albertalli”


Gallagher Girl series – Ally Carter

Deer Reeder,

Chronological book order is from bottom to top.

I read these quite quickly, so like the other bit of teen fiction I wrote about, I’m going to discuss the whole series instead of going through book by book.

How is it best to describe this series? Well, imagine a school full of teenage female James Bond’s, plus the best security system imaginable and you get the idea of what it would be like to go to the Gallagher Academy of Exceptional Young Women. The school is portrayed as one of the most selective schools for geniuses and is full of snobby rich kids. However, those who have a high enough clearance level know the academy for what it actually is; a school which specialises in the art of espionage. You know a school is going to be interesting when its moto is:

“We are the sisters of Gillian…..To learn her skills. Honour her sword. And keep her secrets…… To the cause of justice and light.”

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Geek Girl series – Holly Smale

Deer Reeder,

Book chronological order is from the bottom to finishing the series at the top.

I’m just going to do something I haven’t done for this blog yet, and that is to review a series rather than an individual book. The reason for this is that it’s summer so I’ve got more time on my hands to lose myself in the fabulous world of books and it saves everyone time and effort as you don’t have to read 6 reviews talking about the same thing. How forward thinking of me!

Anyway, so the Geek Girl series, what to say…? Well, first off, I thoroughly enjoyed it actually. I haven’t read true young/teen fiction in a while and it was surprisingly nice to view the world from more innocent eyes. It always made me chuckle how the main protagonist, Harriet Manners, wouldn’t swear but would choose to say Sugar Cookies instead. Mind you, I don’t think the F word would go down too well within a book that has a recommended reading age of 11+!

In spite of this wonderful innocence I forgot and was repeatedly reminded of, what usually accompanies this characteristic; OH MY GOD, I have never read such a first person narrative from such a naive person! At points it almost had me screaming at the book saying “What are you doing? Why do you think that is a good idea?” Continue reading “Geek Girl series – Holly Smale”